Am I a Careless Sheep?

  In the parable in Luke fifteen people are pictured as sheep. Isaiah said, "All we like sheep have gone astray..." (Isa. 53: 6). Jesus is the good shepherd (John 10: 14). Lost people and Jesus are the principal characters of this parable.

  In the behavior of sheep we see a likeness found in people who are separated from God. Those who care for sheep tell us that sheep will wander about seldom raising their heads to take note where they are or the direction they are going, gradually becoming lost.

  How much like sheep are we? Through weakness, carelessness, ignorance of truth, negligence and evil influences about us, we may find ourselves estranged from God. Thank God there is One who cares for us and seeks our recovery and salvation.

  But should we not examination ourselves and ask how much like careless sheep we are and be more attentive to where we are and the direction we are going? We can start doing that this very day.