An Obvious Inconsistency

  We will not take the time and space just here to produce the many Biblically sustained arguments against the use of mechanical instruments of music in our worship today as Christians. We hope most brethren know these things.

  What I address is how we teach the use of such instruments are wrong but then use them with the same songs we use in worship. Funerals, weddings, etc. are often marred by such unstable actions.

  Somebody cries, "That isn't a worship service?" That is not the point. You are saying one thing and doing the opposite. If I were a denominationalists who used mechanical instruments of music, I would laugh at such inconsistency and probably pay no attention to anything else non-instrument people say. But I cannot laugh because I want to cry when I hear and see brethren doing everything they can to leave an uncertain sound and a misguided example.

  Why do some people think they can "improve" on the way God teaches to present such songs?