An Undeniable Assault

  Only by denying history and rewriting it can one deny that our country was founded on Biblical principles by those who believed in God and the Bible as His Word. But evil men have determined to destroy this truth and turn the nation into a secular pagan heathen humanistic pack of degenerate barbarians. On every hand, in educational institutions, entertainment world, "news" media, businesses, even religious organizations, plus the government on every level and all branches, anything related to Christianity is attacked and destruction is the goal.

  Over and over the rights of those sympathetic to Christianity are being undermined by the courts, schools, and governmental officials. Let some vile atheist complain and the forces of our government side against our heritage and religious freedom.

  With an incorrigible citizenry, it is evident that the "hate crimes" against Christians will grow and there is no defense from a corrupt government that seethes with wicked people. Where will it take us?.