Ancient Climate Change

  To tell you the truth, I think God will control the climate as He sees fit and man shall not alter it in the least. But recently some "scientists" claim a gigantic climate change for the mid-east around 70 AD after Rome destroyed Jerusalem. (There are scientists and there are "scientists" and which these are I cannot tell.) They say the climate became much drier and rainfall considerably less. But I am skeptical.

  We all know (because we have been told by the guru of deception) that climate change results from SUV's. SUV's will change the world forever. So everybody, except him, needs a bicycle. But they didn't have SUV's in 70AD. What could have caused the dramatic change?

  You must remember that there are many sinister elements in our world that would have everybody deny the existence of God. These global warming climate change radicals are among them. Enemies of God are lurking everywhere. Read Genesis 8: 22 and drive your SUV.