Anger: Right and Wrong

  Have you ever been angry? Come now, do you mean to say you have never been aroused to righteous indignation over things that are sinful, unjust and corrupt? If so, you are among the living dead. If you cannot become angry at what God hates, how to you figure you are a friend of the Lord? Sounds like you compromise truth to appease the devil.

  Anger, uncontrolled and undisciplined, can become sinful. In such cases words and actions are often irrational and vicious. Some become angry even at good things as well as evil. They lack a standard by which to measure their reactions. We should be angry at evil. Something is wrong with that "sweet" person who cannot get aroused at evil. It is not a mark of control to look passively on evil. It is cowardice and treason against God.

  Be careful when angry lest you sin! Be careful not to be angry at evil. That also is a repudiation of the will of God.