The Angry Christ

  Paul told us to put away anger (Col. 3: 8), yet we read how Christ was angry. What Paul condemned was the uncontrolled rage and temper fit that is too often witnessed. In that state there is the likelihood of sin to follow. Paul taught us again (Eph. 4:26), "Be ye angry and sin not..." So we know we can be angry but control that anger and not sin. There are many things that provoke us to be righteously indignant.

  In Mark 3: 1-5 we read of a time when Jesus looked upon His accusers with anger. We know He did not sin (Heb. 4: 15). Why was He angry? It was because He was grieved. Why was He grieved? It was because of the "hardness of their hearts." They were so steeped in the traditions they had concocted about the Sabbath to the extent they could not rejoice with one who had been healed on the Sabbath. This hardness and ignorance provoked the Christ to anger.

  There were other occasions when our Lord showed a righteous anger. But we need to be especially cautious when angry lest we lose control.