Another Comparison Makes Sense

  In the immediate previous article I suggested the likeness between denominational thought and the illegal immigrant (lawless foreigner) controversy. Both situations exist because of a lack of respect for law and authority, one of God, the other of the country. There is another likeness that was suggested to me and I pass it along.

  In the illegal immigrant matters we find some citizens quite willing to accept them even though they have not done what is required to be a citizen. It is that way with some compromisers in the church. They are willing to say people who have not obeyed the gospel are Christians anyway.

  By what deranged logic people can contend that you can be a member of the Lord's body according to man's rules is yet unexplained. Not only are some willing to accept those who defy God's law, they contend the defiant are members if they want to be even in their disobedience.

  In this respect they are like some citizens who are of a lawless disposition who want to make anybody a citizen whether they obey the law of entrance or not.