Another Hearing

  Do you ever get weary over the many "hearings" conducted by Congress and nobody, especially Congress, listens to anything but what they want for themselves? It is almost laughable that Congress is to conduct a hearing on the "causes and cures" for our financial problems when they are the very ones who caused most of it, kept if going after being warned, and haven't the slightest interest in curing it as long as they get their perks and special interests financed by which they buy votes for their next election. Why put gangsters in charge of correcting corruption? There is not enough decent honesty in Congress to fill a thimble if reduced to liquid.

  And the all-word, no honor, President won't lift a finger to stop it because this is how he got to be where he is.

  Of course, we really do not expect worldly minded people to ever care very much about honesty and truth. But those who realize there is a day of answering for what we do will take notice. When minds become numb to the truth of God you can expect just what we are getting.