Another Institution

  Some years ago many waged war against the church supporting an orphan home. Some still do. The church is not a home and the home is not the church. They are two separate and distinct institutions. If the church is to provide a home for the homeless it must, therefore, provide an institution other than the church. This cannot be denied. Individuals may provide for the homeless but if they do they will have to support an institution other than their own home unless they take the homeless into their own home. Even if the church contributes to a private home that includes orphans, it is supporting another institution. Some have tried to ridicule this as "institutionalism." The Bible does not teach the way it must be done. The attempt to bind a certain way caused division and hurt. Scars remain. 

  The impression was forcefully left that some just did not want to church providing for orphans. Thankfully, most brethren have seen through this array of negative doctrines of men. The principle remains. The church cannot provide a home for the homeless without another institution other than the church. Once you accept that, then good judgment must be exercised as to what procedure does the job the best. An orphan home is a way; not the only way; but a way. Whatever way that is chosen, there must be the church and the home; two institutions.