Another Revolution

  For just a few moments let us learn from history. Christians live in this world and what takes place affects them and their welfare. We are mostly concerned with man's relationship with God and urge people to seek salvation through Christ. We must realize that Christ has enemies in our society that would purge him from the minds of everyone if they could.

  Every day as we observe the agenda of the new government Americans elected last Fall we see the erosion and destruction of liberty, human dignity and respect for the Word of God. The forces of government, once the protector of freedom of religion, has become a prime invader of that freedom on nearly every level of government, beginning in Washington.

  From a historical view, probably only another revolution akin to that of 1776 will preserve our rights in the Constitution. We cannot expect them to be protected by today's politicians who do not respect the Constitution themselves. I wish teaching could change things. But when society becomes as tied to evil as this one today, tyranny has a free pass.