Another Thought About Attendance

  It seems to me that teaching legitimate logical and Biblical reasons why we should always be present at worship services whenever physically possible is a waste of time. People know what they ought to do. They just prefer dismissing God and prefer doing what they want even if it means ignoring God's instructions about attendance. But here is another reason.

  By attending we show a good example. Our influence is on the side of God. That may not matter to some. But it does to those who will get to heaven. Deliberate absenteeism is a sin and nobody can show otherwise.

  Can anyone seriously question that deliberate absenteeism is a bad example to brethren and those outside the church? What do you think Jesus would plan to do on Sunday morning at the worship hour? Would He ignore the mid-week service for little league, cutting grass, playing golf , and other such momentous activities. Why do parents teach their young that God's teaching to attend the worship services is optional? They do this with their bad example of absenteeism. At worship time it is either, "I care what God teaches" or it is "I don't care what God says." What about you?