Another Unfinished Story

  Human curiosity would have caused men to finish the story about Barabbas, the man who was released when the Jews chose the death of Jesus. This man was a murderer, guilty of insurrection and an enemy of Rome. These things did not matter to the Jews who called for the crucifixion of Jesus. Their hatred of Jesus knew no bounds.

  But do you not wonder which way Barabbas went after his release? Sure, he was a "free" man and could go wherever he decided. Do you wonder if he had any sympathy or felt any obligation to Jesus? Most seem to think he probably did not. But could he have become one of the early Christians? He could have. He should have. He had more reason to do so than many others. But his story is not recorded. We cannot know.

  the record was guided by the Holy Spirit and it did not appeal to human curiosity. Is not this another indication of the divine source of Scripture rather than human invention? I think so. Consider it.