Because of God's promises and the words of the prophets, the people of Israel were looking for the Messiah. This expectancy dominated their thinking even though they were confused as to the nature of the kingdom that would come. It would be spiritual rather than physical.

  But that anticipation led some to pretend to be the Messiah when they were not. Only Jesus could qualify for that role. Only He fulfilled the prophecies that were spoken. Only He lived the perfect life. But the people sometimes thought someone else might be the Promised One. They asked John the Baptist, "Art thou he that should come? or look we for another?" (Luke 7: 19.) Some thought Jesus might be one of the prophets come alive again (Matt. 16: 14).

  Their anticipation heightened their minds to hear the Word but at the same time blinded them to much that they heard. They were right to anticipate His coming because God had so spoken. They were mislead to have drawn preconceived notions regarding Him; so much so that they refused Him when He came (John 1: 11).