One of the Herod's was also named Antipas. But we have in mind the Antipas that is described by the Lord as "my faithful martyr" (Rev. 2:13). He had been a member of the church is Pergamos "where Satan dwelleth." While there were some in Pergamos that deserved rebuke, Antipas received commendation.

  The dictionary defines a martyr as one who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce his religion. We know nothing of the circumstances about Antipas nor how his life was taken from him. But he evidently gave his life before he would renounce the Christ. He will surely receive that crown of life in the next life.

  He completely sacrificed himself for the sake of the Lord. I often wonder if I would have as much faith and courage to do the same if challenged. We may face that one day. I hope we will encourage one another to stand.