Any Moral People Left?

  One of the dominant characteristics of the news media is to parade the low and vile immoral conduct of sluts and whoremongers as if this was what was commendable. The reason they do this is because they, for the most part, have been schooled in humanism and have a low level of personal morality themselves. They adore the wickedness they exalt. A case in point of how a report on the immoral sexual conduct of men in Sweden with reference to disease is a big hit. Sexual diseases are now considered a mark of manhood rather than heathenism and sewer life.

  I wonder if there are any moral people left in Sweden, a society of free love and little faith in God. America is becoming just as degraded with the politicians, entertainers, news media, educators, even churches scraping the bottom of a moral cesspool for their standards. It is a fair and logical question to ask if there are any moral people left.

  Yes, true Christians still uphold the moral standards taught by Christ. Some of them fall but get up and keep trying to be clean. But most of the world heaps glory on the degenerates and ridicules the righteous.