Anything to Disparage Jesus

  Those who hate Christianity find no limit to lies and false theories in order to disparage the Lord. Now some are saying Christianity came from a pre-Jesus idea of a resurrected Messiah before His time. They claim to have found a stone containing 87 partial Hebrew lines to prove it. 87 lines? Against four books of evidence (Matthew, Mark, Luke John)? But that's enough when truth means nothing and hatred abounds! Wonder why nobody went to the world about "that" resurrected Messiah like they did Jesus?

  Nearly all the prophets of old foretold of the Messiah and His resurrection. That the idea behind the 87 lines could have come from that must be dismissed, however, because Jesus must be put down somehow even if the most absurd ideas have to be believed.

  Men wish to dethrone the Lord and enthrone themselves. That is the bottom line of disbelief. The evidence, however, is one-sided concerning Christ. Dismissal of it changes not one bit of the truth concerning Him.