Apollos Learned

  Apollos is described as an eloquent man, a learned man, mighty in the Scriptures and instructed in the way of the Lord. He knew a lot and knew how to use what he knew. But when he came to Corinth and met Acquila and Priscilla he had an opportunity to learn something he did not know.

  This man was uninformed about John's baptism and the baptism authorized by Christ. He obviously did not know that John's baptism, which looked forward to the coming of the Messiah, was no longer valid inasmuch as the Messiah had come. He was teaching what he knew was right but he did not know the whole story.

  This couple taught him more perfectly. They knew something he did not, and he needed to know it. This great man readily received the instruction. Though outstanding in many ways, he could learn and did learn. 

  How many of us have reached the place we think nobody can teach us anything more than we already know? We need to be more like Apollos.