At first I thought somebody must be kidding. Somebody did something that hurt the feelings of some Muslims, like drawing a picture of their founder. That hurt their feelings? That calls for an apology? These people who are the worldwide terrorists, murdering people all over the world in the name of their Allah, trying to conquer the world and force their religion down everybody's throats, and they deserve an apology? That is one of the most barbaric and vicious systems to ever exist, and they want an apology? They follow their Koran and praise their Allah by killing others and then expect an apology?

  Did you know the American government has commanded Bibles to be burned among their forces in Muslim countries lest it offend Muslims? It demands guards of the Muslim terrorists to handle the Koran with gloves lest the Muslim be offended. Don't expect this present government to protect the rights of Americans, especially Christians. It is controlled by an pro-Muslim gang of Chicago thugs and defending America is not on their agenda. An apology, indeed! They deserve to be deported immediately.