Are There Some Still Like That?

  When God allowed Israel to take Canaan He commanded them to utterly destroy the inhabitants of the land. They did not do it. If they had, much of the strife that exists in the world would not exist today. But many have wondered why a loving God would authorize the extermination of certain people. The answer does not seem to be that difficult to find. Those people were heathen, barbarians, degenerate to the core, and which is worse, incorrigible with no hope of recovery to a decent existence.

  In the wisdom of God the only protection for humanity, especially His own people, was to eliminate them. But His own people failed to obey Him and the heathens were thorns in their side throughout history, even today.

  But are there people like them today with whom the world must deal in the same way? Probably so! God ordained government to be His tool to protect people. Government needs to be attentive to what it is supposed to do.