Are You Sincerely Serious?

  This time of year is one of the better times to probe serious questions of ourselves as to whether we really and truly would like to do better in the future than in the past. Many say they would like that but evidently it is a shallow expression. Resolutions may sound good but are they really true?

  May I suggest that if you really and truly would like to improve even in some small way next year that you consider refusing to allow the vulgar, sensual, lewd, foul, degenerate people, television programs, movies, commentaries, etc. into your house. TURN THESE DEVILS OFF! They only mean to degrade decent society. Why should we listen to a word they say? Learn how to turn your television OFF. The vast overwhelming amount of stuff that comes via television isn't fit to be seen or heard. It is produced by the lowest level of degenerate minded servants of the devil. Get a good book. Read the Bible. Play with children. Take a walk. But don't allow evil to run free in your mind because you sat before the TV.