As Bad as the Worst

  Sin is sin and the wages of sin is death (Rom. 6: 23). But the immediate consequences of some sins are far more destructive than others. Murder is more destructive than a lie. Adultery produces far more havoc than gossip. But who would condone either one?

  But disobedience to parents must be far down the list with many as to harmful effects. This disrespect for parental authority is being taught and nurtured by the media, schools, so-called music, dress and other "pied-piper" efforts to separate parents and children.

  Look at the context Paul placed disobedience to parents (Rom. 1: 29-32) and see how God considers it. Then look at society as it staggers under the impact of this sin. Who can doubt that disobedience to parents is one of the most destructive elements in life.

  Of course, some parents are not very respectable. But the principle of parental authority is well established in God's will and all should respect that.