Ash Wednesday?

  Today must be what some people call "Ash Wednesday." After a prolonged period of revelry and drunkenness (like the Mardi Gras) they enter their Lent season with Ash Wednesday. That's when they show what good people they are; how penitent they are by putting some ashes in the middle of their forehead for all to see that they are fine people. If you don't believe it, ask them. They will tell you how fine they are.

  This is just one of many Roman Catholic false doctrines and practices they throw under the title of Christianity. It has nothing to do with Christianity. Talk about doctrines of men! This is another one. It is a parade of their faith because you can't tell they believe anything unless they wear their ashes. Of course, it is just a parade to show out because they violate Catholic teaching anyway they choose whenever they choose (abortion, sexual perversion, lying, etc.) It is especially repulsive in prominent political leaders. It makes them look foolish, or more foolish.

Such glaring hypocrisy is disgusting. Do you wonder how the Lord sees this display alongside His teaching in Matthew 23?