Ask Your Denominational Friend

  Tell your friend you want to follow the Bible so ask him to show you from the Bible which denomination to join. That will keep him searching for the rest of his life.

  If he suggests one, ask him why that one. Ask him why any of them. He may not like being asked to defend what he advocates, but you have the right to ask him. It just might cause one of them to read the Bible.

  I was in correspondence with a reporter from Scripts-Howard about the resurrection and all he would do is quote some theologian, Catholic council or denominational clergymen. I asked him if he would read First Corinthians fifteen. But that was asking too much. What does God know? God never attended a seminary.

  These religionists who really give nothing but lip-service to the Bible find themselves overwhelmed when asked to support their views. Without exception, they resort to the idea, "That's just your view." Yes, I must admit it is my view but a view taught in Scripture.