Avoid Evil Company

  Snobbish? Self-righteous? Better-than-thou? None of the above. It is a show of respect for the wisdom of God rather than the folly of men. Even a little thought will convince us that evil companions will be destructive to our spiritual welfare. You cannot clean out a coal bin and expect to remain spotless. We cannot take our place among the enemies of the Lord who care nothing for morality and truth and expect no influence upon us.

  As long as the flow of influence is in our direction for what is right to be predominant, we might be able to help others leave the ways of sin. But when that influence turns the other way we better say "good-bye" to those people and stay with the way of God.

  Why not make friends of God's children rather than the slummy servants of the devil? Why should a Christian have any desire to be like those who denounce everything the Lord teaches us? On whose side are you?