Baby Killer is Now in Office

  Obama, Democrat, like another Democrat president before him, has signed a measure that will once again allow taxpayer funds to fund abortion groups in this country and abroad. The man has no respect for the unborn and even willing to murder a baby that survives abortion efforts if the mother prefers. This deranged criminal who has been placed in the White House by a degenerate American citizenry is a murderer of infants, and there is no telling how many infant lives will be snuffed out in brutal fashion because of the actions of this deranged servant of the devil.

  This man is evil and wicked. He is no friend of God, human life, decency or anything righteous. The sooner this human cobra is out of office the better for humanity. He damns his own soul by his vicious practices and destroys the life of others as well. Pray that God will remove him and all those fellow murderers of his political; gang.