Backroom Deals

  Americans are very familiar with the backroom deals cooked up by crooked politicians (that includes nearly all of them) where they scheme to deceive the public and put over some cheating idea, usually for their selfish goals and aims. Americans have suffered miserably and repeatedly because of such things. But these backroom dealers have a Biblical example of just such a thing where truth is suppressed and hidden and personal ambitions are exploited.

  In Acts chapter four Peter and John healed a lame man but the leaders refused to acknowledge it even though they could not deny it. So what do they do? They threaten and intimidate and hope the apostles would cave in and cease their preaching. Verse fifteen says "when they conferred among themselves" they reached a conclusion to hide the truth if they could.

  It makes you wonder if religious and political leaders have ever found a streak of honesty in their history. How different they are from what God wants. We have to respect the authority of their office but never are we expected to respect to low-life people that occupy those position.