Be Careful for Nothing

  What could Paul mean with such a comment (Philippians 4:7)? There are so many thing for which we must take great care. But Paul was teaching regarding worry like Jesus did in Luke 12:22. Neither of them were saying we should be flippant and irresponsible regarding those matters that call for our proper attention and concern. But worry is not ever the solution to a challenge or problem even though many (maybe most) get into it to some degree with almost everything.

  Over what do people worry? Things that have happened, are happening, and might or will happen. Many things about which we worry never  happen. My Mother used to say that is why she worried: so it would not happen. Not exactly logical, however.

  It is easy to suggest, "Don't worry about it." You may be different but some find this a difficult thing to do. But we keep trying.