Be Careful What You Ask

  We ask and are asked many questions in the course of a day. Most of the time the inquiries are genuine and information is sought. Even so, sometimes a question might "backfire" on you.

  When Peter went to the house of Cornelius he asked, "To what intent have you sent for me?" He was simply asking, "Why have you sent for me?" Once I was asked to come to a place to preach in a meeting because the man they have first selected became ill. I asked why they have invited me. I should not have done it. I should have just graciously accepted or rejected, but this time I really "goofed."

  The answer came back, "You must accept because we have asked just about everybody else and they can't come." Well, I knew I had been far down the list of what they wanted. But I accepted and we got along with a great meeting. But I learned to be careful what and how to ask questions.