Because of Ignorance

  There are many who stoutly resist the truth of God. Why do they do this? With most, it is because they want their own way, evil as it is, and with no rebuke or sense of accountability for their evil. But that is not true of all who oppose God.

  Blasphemy and denial of God has become as much a part of American society apple pie. With many it is because they are so ignorant of Him and His way. This is no refection on their IQ but their information.

  Some oppose Him due to ignorance (Acts 3: 17). Paul did (1 Tim. 1: 3). So did the Gentiles (Eph. 4: 18). That does not justify or excuse ignorance but explains why some oppose God.

  "And the times of this ignorance God winked at, but now commandeth all men to come to repentance" (Acts 17:30). You cannot enter heaven through the door of ignorance. That door does not exist.