Been Tried Before

  Many are aware of efforts by the left-wing to censor and terminate free speech. They want the main stream left-wing media to say whatever promotes liberalism but want to stifle stations that present another viewpoint. They are working hard to close down conservative talk shows, religious programs, allowing only what the left-wing considers proper.

  Efforts to suppress proclamation of truth were tried against the apostles when they were told to cease their preaching of Christ (Acts 4: 18). But the preaching was not stopped. Enemies of truth will use any means to keep truth from being heard. They are so afraid of it they tremble and use the might of physical and political force to crush it.

  Truth crushed to the earth will rise again (William Cullen Bryant). But meanwhile many will be deprived of truth because left-wingers don't want anybody to hear it. There is no justification for anybody that professes to be a Christian to support liberals religiously or politically in both areas they oppose Christ.