Belief in Jesus

  There are many people who say they believe in Jesus but they have no idea what it really means to believe in Jesus. It means more than believing He once lived on earth. Even Muslims say they believe in Jesus but they do not believe what the Bible teaches about the identity of Jesus. To simply, and very deceptively, claim to believe in Jesus but deny the only reliable source of evidence we have concerning Him is to lie, possibly willingly to placate stupid gullible naive so-called "Christians" or out of just plain wholesale ignorance.

  The person who truly believes in Jesus will accept His claim as the Son of God and the only Savior of man from his sins. To believe in Jesus means you obey what He teaches you to do to be saved. Just saying, "I believe in Jesus," is about as meaningless as saying up is down and right is wrong. Do you have any idea what Scripture teaches about believing in Jesus?