The Benefits

  When a salesman tries to sell his product to another he points out the benefits for having the product. We are not exactly the same as a salesman selling the gospel to others, but we do have something in common. We are trying to get others to lay hold of the gospel because of the benefits received and because this is the way we show our love for the Lord who has loved us first.

  Salvation, fellowship with Deity and the saved, being a child of God and a citizen of His kingdom, forgiveness of sin, God's providence and protection, an everlasting hope for eternity, comfort in time of trial, a high and noble purpose and mission for living and it ends with heaven forever. This does not cover it all but it is impressive.

  Sadly, not everyone cares for these benefits. But if given a pen and paper, what could be listed as to why one should NOT be a Christian? I wish this gospel message could penetrate every heart..