The Best are Never Heard

  How people flock to those they consider to be somewhat! They shout their praises and applaud their deeds, often without much regard for either, but just because they like them for some reason. This is certainly true regarding preachers, politicians, entertainers and others who appear before the public. What we probably do not ever consider is that there are others, seldom noted, that surpass the ones who receive the plaudits but are seldom heard.

  People make absurd statements so often. They will proclaim something or someone to be the highest and best that has ever been. It may be true as far as they know but do they know everything? Most probably, the very best ball player is still unrecognized. The greatest parent probably receives no notoriety. The most courageous soldier may never be known.

   This should not prevent heaping praise on those we consider outstanding. But we should be cautious in our proclamations lest we really omit the very best. You can be fairly certain that there is always, at least, usually, someone superior to the one we may think is superior. We just don't happen to know about it.