The Best Way to Handle It

  The abundance of false doctrines almost overwhelms me. There is so much error taught. Combating that is a full time job, if that what you let yourself do. We have to expose false ways but it can become all you do if you dealt with all of it.

  While we fight error, we must not lose sight of the truth. Study the Scriptures and learn the truth. Then whatever jars inconsistently with truth you can know it is error. Scripture gives answer to error primarily by presenting the truth. We must contrast truth and error but if we are not careful we will concentrate so heavily against error that we never learn the truth.

  Fighting error is difficult and painful. Learning truth is a joy and delight. We could defeat all the error in the world but still miss heaven if we do not know and follow the truth. This makes me want to study the Bible more than ever. Probably does the same for you, doesn't it?