Betrayal of Trust and Stewardship

  For one to be entrusted with responsibility for something and then he or she betray that trust is one of humanities frequent but disgraceful and shameful episodes in life. This is true whether is be in government, the home, the church, a school, a business or whatever. Given the power of stewardship only to see that power used to dissipate that which was to be protected and promoted is a mark of dishonor for those who are guilty.

  Government officials are notorious in betraying their duties. Elders of the church will betray their duty to the church. Parents betray even their own children in their neglect and failure. But I have specifically in mind today the betrayal of boards of directors of schools, founded for purposes of helping young people get an education in a Christian environment and teaching, but these directors turn the control of the schools over to those who oppose and defy those very purposes by allowing and promoting liberalism in the classes and administrations. Such people display dishonor and betrayal by breaking faith with those who gave so much to bring the schools into existence. They shall answer to God for their Judas-action. But many are and will be spiritual hurt by their shameful abuse of authority.