Beware of the Deception

  There is a prominent money-raiser going about the brotherhood getting funds for mission work who is devoted to a hobby about marriage. He sorely misrepresents others with his "revision of the waiting game" charge. He has really adopted a policy that God accepts a divorce simply because the courts say it is a divorce. (He will not accept just any marriage that the courts decree. Why does he demand we all accept a divorce simply because the courts say so? His inconsistency is as glaring as his error.) God says divorce can result only from fornication, but this "expert on marriage" contends the courts determine a divorce, not God.

  Faithful brethren will never let the courts decide such things. Our money-raising missionary has created division and strife among brethren, disfellowshipping even the most faithful of our century who contradict his papal edicts. To misrepresent others is a sin. To demand scriptural grounds for divorce is not Romanistic. Brethren, beware of such people. They are self-promoters and dividers of churches.