Beyond Ability to Imagine

  Many homes have marital strife. Just try to imagine Abraham's home with Saran and Hagar. Or Jacob's with two wives and two handmaids. Or David's home who had eight wives plus concubines. Of course, Solomon wins the prize. Just why God allowed those men and others to violate His marriage laws this way I cannot tell. He did and I accept the fact He did. But I also note the horrible havoc it caused in every case. And I know the will of Christ is that marriage be as God intended recorded in Genesis one.

  It is not beyond imagination of a marriage where Christ reigns; one man, one woman, with Christ as King. This is the way God teaches us to be and if we want to invite a life of torment, just ignore this and live an ungodly life. But you will bear the consequences of it. They are never pretty.