The Big Difference

  The faithful Christian has no difficulty in standing for the truth regardless of the odds against him or the consequences. But compare that to the politicians who say one thing today and something different tomorrow, ever shifting from one position to another, never reliable about what they say or do. This, unfortunately, has become the norm of most who seek public office. No wonder the country is in trouble.

  But why the great difference? Well, a politician is seeking votes, will say and do most anything to get them, seeks to please the crowd at hand, and waffles about going first hither and then yon. But the Christian is not seeking to please men. He seeks to please God. He can only hope he might please some people. But whether he does or does not is not his big interest. His desire is to please the Lord, like Paul (Galatians 1: 10). Having this determination makes knowing where to stand relatively easy.