Blind, Naive, Ignorant, Stupid Americans

  Why all the uncomplimentary words about Americans? Certainly this is not true of every American. But it is vividly true of such a large host of them that it applies properly. There is not enough space on my computer to include all the reason that such a description is justified. But let me only mention one today.

  The world is constantly, repeatedly bombarded with the barbarian conduct of Islamic followers the world over. From the Koran to the beheading of enemies what do we see Islam to be? Has there ever been a more vile and degenerate so-called political-religious system than Islam? Some say not all Muslims are like that? If not, why don't they get out of it? It's a core issue of their faith! And we have a president who was reared in that environment of hatred. Special privileges are granted to those of that faith. Americans sit by as their freedom and faith erodes and act as if all is well. This is why I think of Americans as I do in the title. I don't like it.