The Book of Psalms

  The Book of Psalms is unique in many ways. It no only contains the shortest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 134 containing only three verses and fewer words than any other, but also the longest chapter, Psalm 119, with 176 verses. Also is contains more chapters than any other book.

  People who love the Lord have often turned to the inspired writings in Psalms, finding the guidance, comfort, encouragement, strength for themselves as they see unfolded before them the matchless wisdom, power, glory and grandeur of God.

  May we suggest that you make greater use of this marvelous portion of inspired Scripture as you study. You can be sure you will never exhaust the beauty, information, wisdom and confirmation of truth that you will find there. It will always lift your soul and give you greater determination to continue faithful in the service of the true and living God the Bible glorifies.