Both in Balance

  It has been my experience in over fifty years dealing with people that there at least two ways we can contribute to persuading a person to correct a fault. One, criticize his wrong until he can see the shame of it. Two, encourage them in what is right to replace what is wrong so they can see the advantage of doing right. To attempt the task exclusively by one to the neglect of the other usually ends in failure of both.

  The Lord and the apostles did this. Never is this more evident than the letters to the churches in Asia (Rev. 2,3). Condemnation and commendation were found in nearly every epistle.

  Criticism should not be tongue-lashing and brow-beating, but constructively given to show the error of error. Commendation must never be allowed to become hype and flattery but genuine admonition for the truth.

  How will people react to such approaches? Try it or you'll never know. You can expect most anything from people.