Both Were Involved

  One of the most ridiculous matters often argued is whether the Jews or the Romans crucified Christ. If one will only do the unthinkable (read the New Testament) he will learn that both are guilty. The Jews called for His death and the Romans (who held authority) actually carried out the crucifixion. It makes the silliness of the pope very obvious when a few years ago he decided to absolve the Jews of any guilt. But Peter said they were guilty and so were the Romans. Now, who do we believe? Some Biblically ignorant pope, some "scholar," some do-gooder, or simply take what Scripture reveals? Why is it difficult for some to accept the Bible?

  This matter is another demonstration of how repulsive the attitude of many is to an easily determined truth. When men have their point of view and wish to hold it regardless of what God says, this is what you get.