Brand New Model?

  Recently I saw a 1955 Chevrolet sedan that a mechanic had restored to its original beauty and efficiency. It was as if it had just come off the assembly line back in 1955. Nobody that saw it called it a 2006 Chevrolet. Everybody knew it was not the original but a restoration of the original and was exactly according to the original pattern.  It had not just been invented but was the restoration of what had been invented. Yet nobody contended that it was different from what was first driven in 1955.

  So it is with the church of the Lord today. It did not begin in the 1700's or 1800's as some critics misrepresent. It had its origin on the first Pentecost after the Lord ascended into heaven (Acts 2). But history shows the church fell away from its original pattern. When men came along to restore New Testament Christianity they took the same pattern and followed it and the church was in evidence again.

  We know the original church was approved by God. So we know the restored church enjoys that same blessing. If the church of Christ teaches or practices something not found in Scripture let the accuser prove it. Otherwise, let those who reject the church be honest enough to shut up. But don't count on it. Honesty seldom exists among those who denounce the restoration of the Lord's church.