Briggs Patrick Boyd

  He began his journey yesterday, September 12. He is the son of Sam and Lori, little brother to Evie and Kate, the seventh grandchild on the Belihar side (Mother's side), the twelfth grandchild on the Boyd side (Daddy's side) and the seventh grandson for Rosalyn and me to go along with five granddaughters. He got off to a good start weighing nine pounds and good lungs. He is a fine looking little boy.

  He was greeted by a host of kinfolk, well-wishers and friends but he managed just fine. His big sisters, 4 and 2, were delighted. Everybody wanted to hold him if but for a moment.

  Once more, I am reminded of that song we often sing, "The Lord has been mindful of me." We are so blessed by our children. 3 John 4.