Buried Alive

  While we bury the dead, it would be shocking to read of one buried alive. Yet, this is what some do in the spiritual realm. The Bible teaches one is buried in baptism like Christ was buried when He died. The spiritually dead are the ones buried. We are raised to a newness of life, spiritually alive, just as Christ was raised from the dead to life again. We bury the dead; not the living (Romans 6:2-9).

  But some think baptism has nothing to do with spiritual life and that one is saved before baptism. Therefore, they are said to be spiritually alive without it. But then they practice what they call baptism (to join their denomination). If they are already spiritually alive, why bury the living? And if already living, how can they be raised to a new life?

  We do not bury the living, but the dead. We raise the dead to a new life. This is what takes place when one is properly baptized.