Buried Treasure

  We have heard the fictional stories of pirates burying treasures. Some people constantly search for such things. That is because they know there is no value to treasure that remains buried. It cannot be used while buried..

  In the Bible we read of a man named Achan who took of the spoils of Jericho against God's command. What did he do with it? He buried it in his tent. What good would that do him? He would never be able to use it even for his pleasure or benefit for himself or others. Of course, his crime was discovered and he paid with his life.

  There is treasure for the soul in the Word of God. But for some it remains buried because they will not dig it out. There lies what they need most but they cannot benefit from it because they leave it buried between the covers of their Bible rather than learn the Biblical message. What a tragedy that the greatest treasure known to man, salvation, lies buried.