But Few See the Blame

  Shootings at the mall, rapes, murders, drive-by shootings, fights, riots, brawls, on and on it goes in this ever-degrading society and few even care to see why. Certainly those committing the crimes are guilty and that is because they have learned that what they do is not all that evil. They also know not much will be done against them. The moral teaching of the Lord has been driven from society and barbarism dominates.

  Whenever I hear of the ACLU,  atheist professors, evolutionists, humanists, and note what is produced by the sewer rats of the entertainment world, the parading of the heathen antics of celebrities, I know why society is influenced to be so depraved. Take God out of learning, out of governing, out of daily life, you get the corruption that is America today.

  Crimes against humanity are terrible. But these elements I have named and others are criminals because they are committing crimes against is all.