But God Won't Bargain

  As I listened to two men bargaining back and forth I was pressed with the idea how it seems some folks must think they can deal with God this way. My friend was trying to buy a vehicle and the owner, naturally, wanted to get all he could. So this one offered this and the other followed with a counter offer. Back and forth they went until they reached a deal each giving a little and taking a little.

  Does anybody really believe God will bargain this way? Some people promise God IF... So few ever keep their promises. I have seen those on sick beds try to bargain if only God will let them get well. But as soon as they are well, away goes the promise.

  God is God and has given directions to man. We either accept His terms or forfeit His blessings. Take it or leave it. That's the bottom line. He wants us to accept His terms. He does not bargain halfway. Why do some seem to think they have the right to negotiate with God anyway?