But He Had One

  The "pope" of the Roman Catholic Church is about to pay a visit to the United States. That will make the headlines and the media will broadcast it far and wide. Doubtless, many will hear once again how Peter was the first "pope." Facts do not impress the media very much and millions actually believe this false idea.

  The "pope" cannot be married. Everyone knows this is Catholic law. BUT PETER WAS MARRIED. He had a mother-in-law that Jesus once healed of a fever. You cannot have a mother-in-law without being married.

  This historical and Biblical fact ought bother Catholics but somehow they just brush it off as if it does not matter. They claim Peter left his wife once he became pope. Now that's a fine way to treat God's marriage laws!

  But Paul noted that He (Paul) had a right to have a wife just as Cephas (Peter). That does not sound like Peter left her. It is pitiful how people will disregard Scripture.