But It Is Frightening

  Worry, anxiety, fear, borrowing trouble, fretting over what has been or might be, are all problems that confront people everyday. Christians know that all is well with them come what may because they are God's children with the promise of an eternal home with God in heaven. At the same time, while we live here on earth there are many things that threaten and harm.

  Nearly everyday we read of some victims of somebody being harmed, even murdered, seemingly at random and for no reason. People just start shooting, killing, maiming others evidently because they are acting out their evil heart. There is no place where security seems to be a guarantee.

  While we cannot live each day in fear about such things, these reports give us concern for ourselves and our loved ones, do they not? Let us be constant in prayer that by God's providence we shall escape the wrath of evildoers. And if not, that we may be able to endure it (1 Cor. 10:13).